The comprehensive coverage offered by EcoBike Indonesia (EBI) helps to cover the costs of repairs to your rented vehicle.
The insurance is optional and can be booked any time before the rent starts.

§ 1
Our vehicle rental damage insurance covers:

  • - any damage that accures to your rented vehicle or rented equipment
  • - all repairs (engine included), in case any damage is caused by you or a third party
  • - vehicle theft with 50% own risk/deductible/excess/retention
  • - accidental vehicle loss
  • - vandalism
  • - fire
  • - any damage attributed to severe weather (flood, earthquake or storm)
  • - any damage caused due to misjudgment/error/mistakes, as included in the Policy.
  • - damage caused by hitting of being hit by an animal

§ 2
All vehicles are subject to an own contribution/deductible/excess/retention in case of any damage. This is called your "own risk".
All damages up to this amount will be charged to the tenant. If the damage is higher than the "own risk" the insurance will be claimed.

Own risk for bicycles, e-bicycles (pedelec), e-scooters: US$ 100 per item

§ 3
Insurance rate for all types of vehicles: US$ 3,50 per day per vehicle; maximum US$ 52 per vehicle, if the rental period is 15 days or more.

§ 4
EBI Damage Insurance does not cover the costs and risks of:

  • - loss of personal belongings
  • - any damage that occurred to any additional riding gear (including helmet)
  • - liability to other vehicles or injury or death caused to another party
  • - damages caused by any accidents (medical costs included)
  • - personal injury and death that might accrue by technical error of the bike, a third party or yourself


The EBI Damage Insurance solely covers only your vehicle rental damage, including the engine. Please ensure that you have a private travel health insurance and/or accident insurance and a private liability insurance, which all cover bicycle, e-bicycles (pedelec) and/or e-motorbike, e-scooter accidents.

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